We have a special interest and expertise in health screening & preventive medicine. We carry out both full medical check ups as well as Well Man and Well Woman screening.


Our full medical check up involves a 30 minute appointment with one of our practice nurses and a 45-60 minute appointment with the doctor. You will be asked to complete a health screening and psychological questionnaire before your appointment which will help us to review any symptom you have, and also your personal and family medical history as well as a basic lifestyle analysis.

You will need to be fasting for 14 hours before your appointment, but you should drink plenty of water so you are not dehydrated .

The following assessment are usually included:-

  • Weight & Height and Body mass Index
  • Pulse and Blood pressure
  • Full physical examination including cardiovascular & respiratory system, abdominal, ear nose & throat and skin. Where necessary we will carry out a neurological or musculo-skeletal assessment& for men we advise testicular , rectal and prostate examination while for women breast , rectal and pelvic examinations in women are usually advised. A cervical smear can be carried out if it is needed under the Cervical Check protocol
  • Peak Flow assessment of lung function
  • Haemoccult test for the presence of hidden blood in stool/ faeces
  • Full fasting blood tests to include blood count, liver & kidney & thyroid function, Full cholesterol profile glucose and Ferretin (for Haemochromatosis) and uric acid (for gout) We may check a PSA blood test for prostate cancer in men after discussing pros & cons of this test.
  • Other special tests such as ECG, X Rays and DXAscan tests for osteoporosis can be arranged separately , at a local hospital or clinic , if thought to be necessary

We will provide you with a copy of of your results as well as a succinct written report outlining all of our findings and recommendations. Because of the need for fasting and because of the length of time needed, we usually recommend an early morning appointment if you are having a full medical health screen.

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