Our practice has a special interest and a lot of experience in pregnancy care.

We participate in the Maternity and Infant Care scheme with all the Dublin Maternity hospitals. Susan, our Practice Nurse is a qualified midwife. Susan completed her midwifery training in the Middlesex Hospital in London. Margaret also worked for many years in Public Health and has a wealth of experience in post natal care and breastfeeding.

Continuity of care is a core principle of our Practice. We feel it is important that pregnancy care, postnatal mother and infant care and childhood vaccinations  are  with the same team of Doctors and Nurses. This smoothes the transition period from hospital to home and enables us to get to know you and your family.

Maternity and Infant Care scheme combines antenatal care provided by your GP and a hospital or Obstetrician of your choice.  Everyone is entitled to this service free of charge once the pregnancy is registered in the practice.

We provide an initial examination, if possible before 12 weeks, and a further 6 routine examinations during the pregnancy which are alternated with visits to the maternity hospitals.  The schedule of visits may be changed by your GP and or hospital depending on an individual patient.

Number of weeks pregnant Visit to GP Visit to hospital/ Community Midwives/ Obstetrician
Before 12
Before 20
2 weeks after Birth (Baby)
6 weeks after Birth (Baby and Mother)

After the birth we will examine the baby at 2 weeks, and both mother and baby at 6 weeks free of charge.

When booking an antenatal appointment we ask you to tell the reception staff that it is antenatal care so that both the Doctor and Midwife can see you together.

It is your choice which maternity hospital you attend and whether or not you choose public/semi-private or private antenatal care through the hospital. The hospital websites have more information on their services.

The combined care scheme is only for maternity related matters as scheduled above.

If you attend for other health problems which are not pregnancy related, these are not covered by this scheme and there may be a charge for such appointments.

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