We have a special interest in Cryotherapy. This uses liquid nitrogen to treat various skin lesions including warts, verrucas, solar keratosis (lesions caused by sun damage, usually seen on the face, scalp, ears and hands), seborrhoeic warts and skin tags.

Cryotherapy freezes and destroys abnormal cells allowing normal skin cells to grow back in their place. It can be a painful procedure depending on where the lesion is. For this reason, it is often unsuitable for young children.

After 10-15 minutes of the procedure being performed, a small wheal usually forms and a blister appears. After a few days this will leave a dry scab. This should fall off naturally after about 12-14 days from initial treatment. Sometimes a large blister may develop and if this bursts it may need to be covered with a non-adherent dressing. After all this a pink/white mark is usually left which gradually fades. Sometimes thicker warts or verrucas may need multiple sessions.

Many of these treatments are covered under your Private Health Insurance policy.

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