It is very important that we have a current telephone number for you, so if you change any of your contact details please let us know so we can update your medical records.

When we arrange blood tests, X Rays or scans we may ask you to make a further appointment with your GP to follow up these investigations.

However, for many straightforward conditions like a throat infection or a urinary infection , if we take a specimen we will send you the result by SMS text to your mobile phone. Because of the potential security and confidentially issues we will need your consent to send you a text.

If a result is abnormal, we may phone you to discuss how best to follow it up.

It is really important if tests are arranged for you, that you are clear about how you are going to get your results. Never assume that if you haven’t heard anything from us that this means that the result is normal. Test results can occasionally go missing, so if you haven’t heard anything, please contact us at Dun Laoghaire Surgery.

Please do not send any confidential material or medical queries via email.

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How we work