All Doctors and Nurses in the Practice are fully registered with the Cervical Check Programme which offers free cervical screening to all  women aged between 25 and 60.

To avail of this free test:

  • Register online and take note of your ID number.
  • Bring any letter from Cervical Check inviting you for a free smear test which will have your ID number beside your PPSN.
  • Telephone 1800 454 555 and obtain your ID number

A smear test or cervical screening is a scraping of cells from the cervix (neck of the womb) to detect changes before they become cancerous.

Cervical check recommends  smears every three years  for women aged 25-45 and every 5 years from age 45 -65. If you have had abnormal smear results in the past the Nurse or Doctor will advise you further.

The ideal time to come for a smear test is mid cycle i.e. 14 days from the first day of your menstrual period.

If you have never been sexually active you may not need a smear test and should discuss this with your Doctor or Nurse, otherwise all women should have regular smear tests.

Check with your Doctor as to whether or not continued screening is needed. This will depend on the type of operation and whether or not you still have a cervix.

Smear tests are normally performed by our Practice Nurses, however any Doctor can perform one for you if you prefer.

You are asked to lie down and an instrument called a speculum is used to view the cervix, some cells are collected with a special brush. It may be uncomfortable but should not be painful. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to perform the test. The sample is then sent to the laboratory.


Cervical Check will write to you with your result within 4-6 weeks. The Practice will also receive your results. If you do not receive a letter from Cervical Check within 6 weeks please contact us.

If your result is abnormal our policy is to contact you ourselves, but please always check if you have not received your result.

Nine out of ten smears will be normal and patients will be routinely screened again in 3 or 5 years time. Of the abnormal smears, most will be minor abnormalities that require screening at more frequent intervals. Occasionally, patients will be referred to a colposcopy clinic for further evaluation.

For more information on Cervical smear tests, results and colposcopy please visit:

If you have any additional gynaecological symptoms  or require other tests these are not covered by the free Cervical Check service.

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