We offer comprehensive health screen services including blood testing. To book a blood test you will need to have a consultation with one of our GP’s.

Most blood tests can be taken here in Dun Laoghaire Surgery by our practice nurses and then sent by courier to one of the local hospitals. This helps you to avoid hospital queues and delays with appointments.

Blood tests and x-ray results are downloaded electronically directly into your medical records in Dun Laoghaire Surgery which gives us reliable and rapid access to your results.

All blood tests need to be taken during a morning surgery as they do not keep overnight and our courier service collects them at midday. Many blood tests require you to be fasting overnight and this will usually be clarified for you by your doctor when they are ordered.

When we arrange blood tests, we will usually advise you if you need to make another appointment to come back and discuss the results with your doctor. For certain test results, and with your consent, we may send them to you by text message.

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